This powerful mixtape is the result of Damon's regular practice to push himself further artistically and technically.  You can hear the usual quality and authenticity in Damon's lyrics, as anyone that follows his work is acustomed to.  But on The Declaration, you also hear Damon leveling up on his vocal delivery and sonic recording quality thanks to group of carefully selected producers, musicians, as well as recording, mixing and mastering engineers.  This is artist development and growth in action.

The narratives that are woven into this musical work of art extend beyond the dope trap beats that test your speakers capacity, they're authentic stories from a man intent on being a voice for the voiceless while not loosing his own.  They are narratives on subject matters important to him and the community at large that come from the cross section of artistry and one's own humanity.

If you ever get an opportunity to catch Damon Turner performing live, take it. Specially if there's a live band and a choir involved. Close to 800 people got a chance to witness this format in action when Damon performed along with a historic line-up of independent artists for AFROLATINO at The Ford Ampitheatres.  The reviews from folks from all walkes of life and musical preference were nothing short of inspiring.