Satinele Valentine's Day Playlist


Being an artist is no easy feat when transitioning from creating for self to creating intentionally for an audience. That just may be the tightrope often walked when putting oneself out there -especially in a city like Los Angeles. Recently, after being at a party I couldn’t help but notice how bold this one particular DJ was able to shift a room full of some of the coolest kids in the city that were listening to trap music straight into Mya’s classic “All About Me”, from then it was crucial that I sat down with newcomer Loriah Mayfield aka Satinele (SATIN-EL) to get a better understanding of her approach.

Satinele keeps it really simple and allows the music to speak for her. Her words are, “I am ordained to be a disruption to what's currently on today’s radio.” Her mission, is to remind the masses that love has always been the motive and that it's okay. She definitely represents girl power very well, and more so it's cool to see people trust her enough to take off their cool when engaging in her selection of tunes.
Mostly, what was so refreshing was the confidence in her intention. That was the thing, when one is a genuine artist nothing has to change when deciding
to produce that same craft for others. I am here to say that I thoroughly enjoy Satinele’s approach and intent alone. I am excited to see what she curates, as she is a DJ orchestrating a vibe of love and pure chill. I hope you too one day get to join in on a Satinele party, until then please enjoy this Valentine’s Day playlist in love with self or with a companion.

B Stewart